We have a very firm belief in cold chain maintenance of temperature-sensitive products. From the manufacturing till the end-user GTL strictly maintaining the product’s cold chain with strict control. We are importing the temperature-sensitive products directly from the manufacturer which requires 24 to 36 hours to reach Pakistan (using the most directly available flights from the manufacturer to Pakistan). The temperature is maintained by dry ice and monitoring with a data logger throughout the delivery at regular intervals from the manufacturer to our warehouse.


When the product arrived at Gene-Tech Laboratories cold storage where the product is stored in a well maintained “COLD ROOM WAREHOUSE” with all the advanced facilities to maintain and monitor the temperature that is as follows: Cold Room Temperature: Regular temperature recording by Digital, Standard Fluid Filled & Dial Thermometer to assess the overall temperature performance recommended for cold room warehouse. Alarm System: The alarm system is attached with digital thermometer recording and starts working when the temperature is rising above +8 °C or below +4⁰ Cold Storage Plants: Two plants of 4 horsepower each 3 phase 440 volts have been installed to maintain the temperature of cold storage between +2 °C to +8 °C. One of the plants is working while the other is on standby to cover if the first plant is out of the older standby Generator: Due to frequent electricity failure, we have installed two generators. One diesel of 30 kV and the other working on Sui Gas (Stand by generator). The generator is auto-start i.e., automatically starts once electricity has a cone stabilizer: Due to the frequent fluctuations of electricity, we have installed a State Art Voltage Stabilizer of 100 KVA. This is automatically maintaining the voltage fluctuations in an external power source.


Gene-Tech Laboratories have a properly owned network of the Distribution chain in Karachi, Lahore, and other major cities of Pakistan. To supply the stock in different cities of Pakistan again the temperature maintenance is done with help of dry ice and stock reach the desired destination within 12 hrs, monitoring the temperature throughout with the help of a “data logger”. From Gene-tech distributor, the drugs finally reach the designated medical stores (10%) or directly to the patients (90%).Free doorstep supply of temperature-sensitive products we are supplying temperature-sensitive products directly at the doorstep to patients, clinics, & hospitals from our cold storage under the strict control of cold chain maintenance. This will help to maintain not only the efficacy of the product but also our customer’s confidence in Gene-Tech Laboratories. In the end, there will be a direct supply of the product in thermo pole boxes with dry ice to a patient’s home with proper temperature maintenance. All the above steps lead to customer’s confidence and trust in “Gene-Tech Laboratories” in serving your patients to receive the product at well maintained standardized temperature full of its efficacy & quality.