Gene-Tech group of companies in the pharmaceutical and Biotechnology distributing and marketing company in Pakistan. We have been providing Biotech and Hi-tech products and Molecular Diagnostic solution for life-threatening diseases including Cardiology, Oncology, Rheumatology, and in vaccine segment for the last 16 years. We have attained this prestigious position through a continuous focus on human resource development, close teamwork, and innovative marketing skills. Collaboration with research-based world-renowned Biotech and Hi-tech companies demonstrates Gene-Tech’s commitment to bring innovative and quality health products and molecular diagnostic solutions to Pakistan.

I bring warm greetings from the Gene-Tech Group of companies. The last 20 years have been an immensely gratifying experience. This has been the obsession of my life to set a pharmaceutical company with a vision to flourish new business ideas in the marketing of Hi-tech pharmaceuticals.

We started as a small enterprise catering to the local market, today Gene-Tech Laboratories is a significant player in the Pakistan pharmaceutical industry. We have evolved as an organization whose strengths are its people, processes, and customer focus and we have established our leadership in the market by leveraging these strengths. Gene-Tech Laboratories has a major focus on the field of Gastroenterology, Oncology, Pediatrics, Cardiovascular, Hospital, and Acute Care Medicines.

The principal aim of Gene-Tech Laboratories is to bring together the people and resources required to market innovative products to meet the needs of patients suffering from life-threatening diseases. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of these patients. With a team of high-quality professionals, we are in a continuous effort to excel in marketing high-tech products. Since the time of our establishment, Gene-Tech Laboratories has become a place for professionals to deliver their very best. The opportunity to perform at far is the key to satisfy a professional. We believe in retaining good professionals and provide them the reason to stay and grow with us. We envision our Leadership position in years to come in Bio-Pharmaceuticals marketing in Pakistan.

We are committed to provide the current medical information to physicians, educate patients regarding disease and its implications. Train and equip our staff to meet the challenges of modern business. Above all, we strongly believe that the key to success is in the hands of almighty Allah.

Leveraging our innate strength along with the new initiatives, I am sure will enable Gene-Tech Laboratories to emerge as a global leader in the foreseeable future.

This web site contains a wealth of information that will enable you to get to know Gene-Tech Laboratories.


Dr. Zubair Khalil Khan

Managing Director

To extend and enhance human life by providing the highest quality health care products and diagnostic cost-effective solutions in Pakistan and to be the leading Biotech company that commercializes High-tech Bio-therapeutics that address significant unmet medical needs.

Our values serve as a touchstone for the way we conduct business and our mission.
We are patient and physicians centric, we strive to improve the quality of care through exceptional service to our patients and the physicians who care for them. All of our values are in support of this core value.
We have compassion for the patient their caregivers, our fellow workers, and the communities in which we are involved.
We possess integrity and are ethical and trustworthy in all our business and interpersonal relationships.
We are people-focused and believe and recognize that our employees are the drivers of our success.
We are interdependent and collaborate to achieve success while respecting the diversity of people, cultures, and ideas.
We are results-driven and deliver results through a high-performing organization and have a commitment to excellence in all that we do.
We are innovative, proactive, and in all operational steps especially through innovative and creative marketing of high-quality biotech products with the economy.

Our Corporate Goals

To achieve the noble undertaking of serving society with innovative pharmaceutical /biotech products marketing, each member of Gene-Tech follows 5 major principles on which each member shall operate in the society.
To be honest and faithful be grateful for the smallest opportunity.
To be creative and resourceful.
To be able to value time and health.

An organization, like a human being, is a dynamic and restless entity, which shall be in perpetual motion to improve and challenge the environment in which it exists. But unlike a human being an organization by its wisdom and innovation can retain eternal youth.

Gene-Tech relying on talented and dedicated employees, following a strategic vision builds close relationships with the medical community and flexible collaborative partnerships with other pharmaceutical companies. Gene-Tech is redefining the standards for success in pursuing opportunities in the health care industry.

We work with patient organizations to support patient education programs. Fully integrated resources in scientific and technical operations, coupled with a fully aligned sales force, enable us to move quickly to capitalize on scientific advances and bring innovative medicines to market. These strategic competencies, combined with dynamic executive leadership, strategic discipline, and financial strength, have established Gene-Tech as a leading specialty Bio-pharmaceutical company in Pakistan.

We pride ourselves on our ability to in all adversities and come out as a more vigorous organization.