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Gene-Tech Laboratories is a high tech Biopharmaceutical marketing company dealing high tech genetically engineered products. The idea of establishing this company is to create new business concepts that promotes High Tech and genetically engineered products with quality and economy and help the ailing human beings by providing advance and more effective therapeutic solutions. We pride in our ability to in all adversities and come out as a more vigorous organization.

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News & Events  

  • Gene-Tech Laboratories actively participated in The 6th APASL Single Topic Conference held in December 2009 at D.H.A Golf Club, Karachi-Pakistan.
  • Gene-Tech Laboratories successfully launched Recombinant Hepatitis ‘B’ vaccine “HEP-VAC” 20mcg / 1ml from Butantan Institute Brazil in July 2009.
  • Gene-Tech Laboratories successfully launched Streptokinase “DICLAIR-ST” 1.5 MIU from BBT Biotech GmbH- Germany in February 2010.
  • Gene-Tech Laboratories contributing through social service program by creating awareness in masses against Hepatitis ‘B & C” through free distribution of audio cassette’s and CD’s. This program appreciated at all platforms by general population and professional.
  • Gene-Tech Laboratories successfully running Hepatitis ‘B’ Family / Industry / Institutions and School Vaccination Program by providing free vaccinator service at home or designated place. Package includes free vaccination service including disposable syringe, alcohol swab, vaccination card and Hepatitis ‘B’ information leaflet.


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Hepatitis 'B' & 'C' information audio



Our goal is to market new & innovative treatment options to patients with serious or life-threatening medical conditions.

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GTL not only involved in marketing high tech innovative products in Pakistan but also involved in creating health / disease awareness to patients and general masses...
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We know our greatest asset is our people. We aim to create the kind of working environment that genuinely inspires people, an energizing culture in which..
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GTL places high value on partnering with companies and organizations. Over the last 7 years, we have forged many long-term collaborations with leading academic...
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